This is a list of a few projects.

Please don't patent my ideas/programs! :)

sensible-cinema movie content sanitizer and also viewer/upscaling video player.

family history screen saver lets you see images related to ancestors for your screen saver. Work in Progress let me know if interested.

Virtual Audio Capture Grabber Device. This is a directshow capture device to allow one to "record what you hear" in Vista/Windows 7. It fixes the mysteriously absent "waveout mix" missing for windows vista/7.

Screen Capture Recorder Program. This is an *efficient* desktop capture program. Also includes a directshow desktop capture device that other programs can use/leverage. Fully configurable.

AviSynth as directshow capture source device . This allows AviSynth script files to be received as a directshow capture device (the end goal being that you can combine and stream/broadcast webcams with desktop, etc., add effects, etc.)

Here is, a database of arrangements of LDS songs/hymns.
Genealogy life history questions to ask in interviews for people

Nerdy stuff

Ruby faster require. Designed to speedup load time in ruby scripts in windows.

whichr. Whichr, a "which" command for windows, that displays all executables anywhere on the path, not just the first one, like which does.

after. after, that allows one to 'wait' until any arbitrary running process exits, then execute some command.

Source code for most projects, and contact info can be found at here.
In the interest of defensive publication I have published many thoughts at the github link, above, and also on my blogs blog 1 b2.
personal: cna. apt.
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