We would like to announce that we are offering tuition loans for students that want to get their CNA (certified nursing assistant) certification.

Consider this an opportunity to switch careers. CNA's typically start at like $9/hour (sometimes a bit more), which beats the heck out of minimum wage. They are also somewhat in demand, so if you don't have a job, this could be a good opportunity for you. CNAs typically help out at nursing homes for people that arent functionally able to help themselves (get out of bed, dress, use the toilet, eat, etc.)

Basically we will give recipients a student loan for tuition (about $400), which you dont have to pay back until you get some job afterward (well, you have to pay back $5 a month until then...). Well charge you 2% annual interest on the money, as encouragement to pay it back.

Send us an email with your current marital status, income status from all parties, and (if single), your parents income status. If you have any hard luck stories, why, send them along too.

Look forward to hearing from you! Email us.

The catch

So what is the catch? Well, there is none but being a CNA is not easy. There are people that drop out of the program because of the demands of the job. Also sometimes the hours are odd. Here is one students experience: "Being a CNA is NOT easy work. It takes a lot of compassion to do this sort of thing. Many people from my class started, but then found out that they just weren't cut out for this sort of thing and then just stopped coming. Being around sick people and people who'll need help in everything can be frustrating and very demanding. Its not something that you can go into because of the money. Getting a paycheck is always nice, but you really work for it." Also, even if you finish the program successfully, you might not find a job because of how the economy is right now. Said one student "the job market is very hard right now. CNA's are needed, but most places are wanting experienced people working so that they don't have to spend any time training. So trying to get a job with no experience is complicated."

So you may end up having to volunteer for awhile to get some experience, after your schooling, but eventually you might indeed land a good job. Note also that some students still get jobs despite the economy such as a recent graduated student who found a job as a CNA after her training that started at $9/hr. Becoming a certified nurse assistant will make you better trained and more marketable in a difficult economy. If you like helping others and think you can finish the program and like this type of work please apply we want to hear from you.