Step up program North Orem neighborhood

Trade School Tuition

Hello all.

We're pleased to announce our system called the 'step up' program. Basically, we help people to graduate from "trade schools", for instance: certified nursing assistant training (allows you to work in rest homes), takes 6 weeks or so. Then you can get a new different job, possibly with better hours, probably with higher than minimum wage pay. Possibly a job that you can like more. It's great to get some education, instead of treading water where you currently are today. If you're unemployed, that might be a good time to get some training, also. lists a bunch more possible programs, some of which might work. (No we are not affiliated with the mlatc, they are just a good local trade school). Our current cap is a limit of $1200 max for the course, but if you look carefully, there are a number under that.

What's the benefit?

If you get a certification, even for a CNA, it opens up a lot more job possibilities to you (you can search for cna on craigslist--there are people looking for workers). You can get more than minimum wage paying job, too. You may be able to apply for a wider variety of jobs, and thus find one more easily. And it may be a more stable job, etc. Basically, we're offering this as an escape hatch for those that are stuck in a bad job, or that are stuck without a job. YOU CAN TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS TOO :)

What's the catch?

None, though if you end up wanting to, later, you can pay some money back that was spent on your tuition (from your new high paying job, of course).

Also if you need a small stipend while you are attending (for gas, for instance, or bus pass to get around) that might be a possibility also. If you need babysitting for short term training, we recommend asking for volunteers from your "local church congregation" (ex: asking the Relief Society President to ask if there are any volunteers), obviously friends and family would help with sitting, too. Another interesting resource is, if you're out of work, or might leave your current job for training, you might be able to get help for necessities, while you are training, for instance from a localBishop.

Other training options:

If you are super "tech savvy" or "love to play computer games" then I could set you up with a private course for learning how to computer program (basically take a free course).

If you want to learn to be a secretary, I could set you up with a course to learn Excel, QuickBooks, etc. (free course)

If you are a mechanic we could help you get ASE certified. (pretty cheap)

If you think that managing computer programmers (the people) and their computer program tasks would be fun (you don't have to be techy) then I could help with getting your PMP Certification (Project Management Professional). This one takes a lot of studying though you'd need to be really serious about it, and reasonably smart. It's reasonably difficult, or so I'm told. It may also have higher pay.

If you are an art/graphic design person, we could help you learn some web design (free course), and then, if you want to practice your design skills/get something for your resume, we could pay you a small hourly wage to design a few websites for us.

Classes from UVU continuing education (professional/community) would also possibly work well.

Also if you need a "micro loan" to buy for instance some equipment for a job or to start your own business (example that comes to mind is a large [used] lawn mower to start your own yard care business, that might work). Or if you need help to get bus passes so you can start a new job, et al.

If there is any certification you might like, that just requires passing a test, we'd be happy to buy the training books for you, at no charge, then pay for the test for you. You pass the test, we keep the books so we can use them for future people (ex: a+ cert., networking+., etc...).


We are looking for honest, reliable, dependable people for this. We are local, living in Orem near Macey's on 8th North. We look forward to hearing from you. Basically tell us your "story/status" and course desired if we feel you merit it, we'll accept your request and proceed to set up a course (we pay direct to the schools) for you. We don't typically pay for "normal" school degree seeking tuition (like UVU).

If you're uneasy about if we're honest about this, we can give you some references for people we have worked with before (with other programs, not this one specifically).

Sometimes classes are day classes, sometimes night classes.

Note that we love applicants who are parents (or single parents), and others. Also even if you're older, training can still help a lot! It's about the job, not your age, typically, to the employer. Male or female applicants ok.


Contact if interested or for more info/any questions: email us ( or call 8014770635.

Thanks and good luck with everything, even if this isn't what you're looking for, best wishes, and thanks for reading!

~ Roger Pack (yes, we are local, we live in Orem near the Maceys on 8th North, I am from Provo).